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 Prophet Angela administers education and instruction in the areas of prayer, intercession and the prophetic through the:


Prophet Angela is also a mentor and coach in the areas of prayer, intercession, and the prophetic. For those seeking the next step beyond just being educated or trained to the mentoring processes that births out a divine product we invite you to consider the mentoring or coaching options available through the World Impact Institute mentoring and training tracks.


Have you been feeling the need to detox both naturally, soulically, and spiritually but don't quite know how to approach it? Do you know how to consecrate but feel you've reached a place where God is calling you to bring your consecration process to another level and don't quite know how to get there? Do you hear God calling you into a preparation for the next phase of your vision or assignment? Let us recommend the guided consecration service where Prophet Angela will coach you through targeting soulical and spiritual barriers that you have been facing to accomplish breakthrough. This service is available for both individuals and groups.


For those seeking a more in-depth developmental process consider applying for the World Impact Institute Training Program. Click the World Impact page tab to learn more about the program and participation qualifications.


This service is for the individual who is not looking to participate in a program of instruction but needs guidance and development for responding efficiently in prayer to life challenges and transitions they are facing personally. Or do you need to partner with a prophet to pray through a turbulent personal circumstance? Then the personal prayer coaching may be right for you. 


Particularly, useful for ministry leaders and leadership teams. This service offers strategic consultation and advisement on matters of intercession and the intelligence it provides for the advancement and growth of the vision that it undergirds.


Are you receiving dreams that you believe hold a significance that you just can't tap? Let us recommend Prophet Angela's dream interpretation service. Designed to give you deeper interpretation and translation of the encoded intelligence delivered through dreams.

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