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by Prophet Angela Powers

When we last spoke, we introduced the concept of the soul of the Chief Intercessor, Jesus the Christ. We set forth that Christ is the 1st archetype from which intercessor's should pull models for intercession and the life of an intercessor. So what is some of the soul work that intercessors must forge into in order to apply this wisdom? Intercessors are those that routinely go through soul pouring and soul purging. The more an intercessor can recognize and cooperate with these routines in the lives the more effective they will be. Intercessors must remember that neither they nor their employs are lone rangers. Intercession is a principal organ of the kingdom of God. It is plugged into an entire administration and set of institutions. So goes the kingdom so goes your intercession. In saying such, there is great change now actively unfolding upon the incorporeal and corporeal landscape. Both spiritually and naturally the earth will be undergoing great governmental change. This means that as an intercessor as you prepare for 2022 and beyond you are going to have to do some clean out in your own soul life so that you are not bonded to things that would prevent you from deciphering God’s hand and hearing the words and warnings of the holy apostles and prophets.

Your soul contains, among other things, perceptions and perspectives. Perspective has to do with the science of optics. Perception has to do with the recognition and interpretation of that which is seen. Perspective is the mechanics of sight. Perception i