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by Prophet Angela Powers

When we last spoke, we introduced the concept of the soul of the Chief Intercessor, Jesus the Christ. We set forth that Christ is the 1st archetype from which intercessor's should pull models for intercession and the life of an intercessor. So what is some of the soul work that intercessors must forge into in order to apply this wisdom? Intercessors are those that routinely go through soul pouring and soul purging. The more an intercessor can recognize and cooperate with these routines in the lives the more effective they will be. Intercessors must remember that neither they nor their employs are lone rangers. Intercession is a principal organ of the kingdom of God. It is plugged into an entire administration and set of institutions. So goes the kingdom so goes your intercession. In saying such, there is great change now actively unfolding upon the incorporeal and corporeal landscape. Both spiritually and naturally the earth will be undergoing great governmental change. This means that as an intercessor as you prepare for 2022 and beyond you are going to have to do some clean out in your own soul life so that you are not bonded to things that would prevent you from deciphering God’s hand and hearing the words and warnings of the holy apostles and prophets.

Your soul contains, among other things, perceptions and perspectives. Perspective has to do with the science of optics. Perception has to do with the recognition and interpretation of that which is seen. Perspective is the mechanics of sight. Perception is the processing of that which is seen. God wants to mature, expand and fine tune what you “see” as you intercede. In fact, this will be necessary if you are to qualify for the wars ahead. There are some technologies that the Father will not activate until you are positioned in the assignment which justifies them. They have not even begun to see the technologies that God has slated for the intercessors that will take their place in the war units of the new era. Some things that you have desired to tap in God in prayer you could not tap because God did not classify that technology to that assignment that you have been operating in. As you shift into the intercessory assignments of this era and move into this era’s order and accountability you will begin to qualify for prayer technologies that you have longed to see.

For example, perspective refers to not only the internal faculties of sight but to the external mechanics that lend themselves to what you see. Many intercessors have been standing in one place because they have been tied to a specific thing. As a result, their perspective has been locked to that positioning. This in turn effects their interpretation, execution and outcomes. When an intercessor cuts a tie it frees them to yield to the vantage point that the Holy Spirit would bring them into. I can see more about a city from a mountaintop than I can from a hilltop. In 2020 God began to take intercessors to their next elevation and altitude for their next intercessory assignments. The Holy Spirit is yet working and furthering that divine project as we stand in 2022. Many intercessors are not yet operating on the plane of the New Era, but their souls must release the things tying them to the present plane so that they can venture to and occupy the new plane. This soul preparation is critical because it points to the reason why God withholds access to our new planes until we have done so. If God allowed you, intercessor, to access the new plane with your old soul it would make you vulnerable to new devils without updated and upgraded weaponry to face them. Additionally, God does not bring us into new planes just to awe and impress us, or to dazzle us with the supernally spectacular. ACCESS EQUALS INTELLIGENCE. Anything God gives you access to He is ushering you into new intelligences for. Without the soul for it you can't process this intelligence. It would be like handing a 6-month-old an Oxford Dictionary. They will play with the pages and perhaps spill their milk on it. It will fall grievously below its intended use BECAUSE OF THE USER. Intercessor, don't let it be said that the planes of the New Era have opened and He could find no user. It is time to permit to the soul probes, soul purging, and soul processing that has been put in place to build the warriors of the impending New Era wars.

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