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Wombs of the Earth

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

We are not only living in significant times we have entered a new era. It is undoubting that we are in the flux of the manifestation of a new world. More importantly, there is a great contention around who will shape that world. Without a doubt the Sovereign Lord is always in control. However the thrones of the earth await their “Adonai’s”. They await the Sovereigns that are elected to rule with God and be as He is in this world. These elect have a sound and there is a particular honing frequency that the groan of creation is emitting in search of them. Therefore there is an increasing series of testings and of trials that we shall see come upon the earth because creation is searching out the sons. Intercessors are critical to these processes because God is onboarding you among His conductors. God is sanctioning prophets and intercessors in every place to be governors of the groan. We are in a serious shift. In the last era we handed over the reins of the groan and empowered the workers of iniquity to seed the wombs of the earth with rage, violence, wickedness, perversion, and corruption. Wickedness has been progressively seducing the desire and longing for the “straight” with the “crooked”. Scripture says, in Romans 10:3:

“For being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”

Synthetic Righteousness

Synthetic righteousness has made the soul of the planet sick and only the legislations of God’s true righteous can cure it. But those legislations don’t come by osmosis. They are curated and cultivated. This curated and cultivated orchestration of creation’s groan is something that only the sons of God can produce. By the governmental census conducted in 2012, approximately 213 million pregnancies occurred worldwide. If this is true of the natural realm how much more of the spirit. Millions of wombs are pulsing with incorporeal purposes looking to be made corporeal. Natural, social, economic, governmental, educational factors become the amniotic and placental dynamics that govern the favorability or hostility surrounding each one. Creation is drowning in the confused stewardship of hirelings in the absence of the heirship. Intercession determines where voids will remain and where they will cease. Intercession determines what will fill the voids that will be filled. Intercession is a conducting baton that taps upon the anatomical and physiological and is designed to induce the rhythms and processes that carry purposes through the canal between two worlds. There is a summons being unleashed upon the creation. This summons will disrupt governments, economies, and infrastructure. It will shred barriers and resistances in search of those who have been given authority to put a reeling planet back on its axis. Creation is making a shift from influencers to the authorized because no other station can govern, no other station can bring back into order what has been induced to go awry by those that are in array to make war with God. Intercessors this is not a time to be the hire of hirelings. This is not the time to lend your womb and your sound to any solicitor and suitor roaming by your spiritual prayer closet escapades. Heaven is drafting fiercely. Heaven is drafting through trial, trauma, brokenness, testing, sickness, and death. Heaven is drafting through the rooting out, pulling down, destroying and throw down operations of kingdom and apocalyptic polemics. Heaven is stationing His servants the prophets and those intercessors that must war alongside them and it is ripping every hostile womb that would contend with their birth. There is a cry that the Sovereign is dialing up in the planet and it is a cry that the elect intercessor must join; a cry that the elect intercessor must take up. I unstop your ears from the frequencies that have lulled you to sleep. I unstop your ears of that which has plugged them up against this tone emitting through the planet. I unstop your ears from being overpowered by the deafening sounds of your flesh, your humanity, your creature comforts. I loose upon you the frequency of heaven’s throes and contractions and creation’s travail. I call you into alignment with the government of the era. I call you into alignment with the mission and missives of the era and its dispensations. Intercessors I issue a global summons for you to not only join, but be equipped to rule the global travail. It’s time for the sons of God to be manifest and for their dynasties to be guarded and kept by the Defense Department of the New Era which is able to see them to the ends of their aims. Let God arise and let his enemies be scattered!

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1 Comment

Jodi Porter
Jodi Porter
Mar 23, 2023

Asst. Chief Pr. Angela - Thank you! The strike of each character and pulse of every word, reverberated in my soul. This artfully explains much!💕🙏🏾💕

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